Amazon Prime For Students

Amazon is such a great service for finding those hard to find items at the store, and just even purchasing general items can be more cost competitive than picking them up at my local store.  (To find out how I save 15% to 20% a month on my household goods click here). Amazon has a great program called Amazon Student and any student can sign up as long as they have an email address that ends in “.edu ” through school.

The great thing about Amazon Student is that your student will receive an Amazon Prime membership for a free-trial period of 6 months. This means any Prime-Eligible Product will be shipped with two-day free shipping!!  In addition to free shipping, students will have access to several promotions and additionally for every person they refer will earn them a $10 credit on their Amazon account to purchase needed items.

After The Trial

Currently I pay $99/year for Amazon Prime but in addition to the 2 day free shipping (which that alone is worth it), it also gives me access to music, videos, and allows me to borrow Kindle books.  After your student’s 6-month trial it will automatically charge the card on file for full-blown membership but instead of paying $99/year like I do, they only pay half of that for $49/year!  You can’t beat that!!

What If I’m Not A Student

Unfortunately if you are not a student, you don’t qualify for the long free trial or the $49 membership.  If you are new to Amazon Prime however, there are still promotional opportunities for you to at least try out the service.  Just remember to cancel if you are not a fan but I have a feeling that you’ll love it!

If you’re not a student, you can Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial which is still a great deal.

And if you are still in the phase of purchasing wipes and other baby supplies, Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial for up to 20% off diapers!  I’ve searched and compared and I still get my diapers for much cheaper than places like Wal-Mart or Sam’s.




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