Things To Buy In October

Autumn, by far, has to be my favorite season of the year!  Unfortunately West Texas really only has winter and summer but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying all things pumpkin spice and a little taste of cooler weather!  Even though Fall has just started, the holiday deals have already begun.  How many of you already see Christmas decorations in the store?  ‘Tis the season for consumerism I guess!  Here are the best things to purchase in October.

Outdoor Equipment

When the warmer months end, so does the need for items like patio furniture, grills, and camping equipment. It is cheaper for retailers to sell these items at a significant discount rather than taking up valuable floor space.  If you’re already in the market for these items, grab them now!  If you live in a warm climate like me, you still may have time to make use of these items.

Air Conditioners

If your air conditioner is on its last leg, hold out (if you can) until October.  Just like mentioned before, with the warmer months ending, retailers want to keep their inventory moving and are willing to do so at a discount.

A New Car

Did you know car dealerships typically receive next year’s models during the summer?  This means you are much more likely to get a deal on last year’s model.  If you are looking for a used car instead, take advantage of the many tools out there to help you get a good price and quality vehicle.  One of my favorite tools is the Vinny app which allows you to scan the vehicle’s identification number barcode with your smartphone’s camera and it will pull up information about the car and the wholesale price.  You can also run a vehicle history report for $10.


If you missed out on the Labor Day deals, pick up that new dryer or fridge that you have been needing to replace. Just like cars, manufacturers are bringing in their new models now so take advantage of the discounts on last year’s models.

Kitchen Items & Cookware

With the holiday deals off to a start, kitchen accessories as well as pots and pans are one of the more popular items to be offered up at the start of the season.  Be sure to pair the in-store discounts with other coupons through an app such as Coupon Sherpa, Retail Me Not, or simply going to the retailers website to see if additional discounts are given for signing up for a newsletter.

Other Odds & Ends

With summer coming to close and new inventory coming out, there are just some items that have historically always been on sale during the month of October.  These include items such as jeans, digital cameras, and plants.  If you have kids, jeans are always a good thing to stock up on when prices are low!



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